Oahu Wedding Officiants for a Beautiful Hawaii Ceremony

Oahu Wedding Officiants

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Your wedding officiant is more than just the person to pronounce you as partners for life. Your wedding officiant also leads you through the ceremony and wedding vows, incorporates elements into your ceremony, and is the only person you must have at your wedding.

Whether you’re choosing your wedding officiant yourself or getting help choosing one from your wedding coordinators, there are a few things you might want to consider.

Beach wedding on Oahu with officiant Kelehua Kawai
An Oahu beach wedding with officiant Kelehua Kawai.

What to Look for in a Hawaii Wedding Officiant

When starting wedding videography, I didn’t know how important and valuable it would be to work with good officiants.

A professional will know how to check with the photographer and videographer before beginning the ceremony (need to get the thumbs-up that we’re all ready).

They’ll know how to position the couple for the best angles, and they’ll try to keep the couple centered if there’s an arch or arbor.

And most importantly for the couple, they’ll provide an amazing service while making you feel relaxed and taken care of as you marry your partner.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a wedding officiant.

How Experienced Is the Wedding Officiant?

Unless you’re choosing a friend or family member, I recommend choosing an experienced wedding officiant.

There is more to officiating a wedding than you might think. For example, their spirit and warmth will impact their ceremony, so you know recommended officiants will bring that to your wedding day.

Another example is that experienced wedding officiants understand positioning during the ceremony. All the Oahu wedding officiants I recommend will consider your positioning because they know the photographer and videographer want specific positions that look better. They will ensure you’re centered in the wedding arbor, your backs are not turned too much away from your guests and the cameras, and help ensure your dress and veil look okay.

NOTE: Some wedding officiants do not care about positioning or the opinions of the photo/video team. While they might perform an amazing ceremony, it’s something you should be aware of and consider when choosing your officiant.

A family friend performing a wedding ceremony on Oahu
A family friend performing a wedding ceremony on Oahu.

Do You Want a Hawaii Wedding Ceremony or Traditional Wedding Ceremony?

Most Oahu wedding officiants blend their ceremonies to include both Hawaiian elements and traditional elements. If you have special requests for your ceremony, your officiant will likely try their best to accommodate you, but just remember that you’re asking them to change their ceremony from what they normally do.

Do You Want a Religious Ceremony or Non-Religious Ceremony?

For both weddings and vow renewals, you can choose to have the mention of God in your ceremony. Most Hawaii wedding officiants can perform the ceremony with or without religious moments, so you should discuss this directly with your officiant.

Does the Wedding Officiant Perform Same-Sex Marriages?

The Hawaii wedding industry has a “love is love” viewpoint, and we are very open to all couples. Unfortunately, some Hawaii wedding officiants do not perform same-sex marriages due to their church’s restrictions or personal religious beliefs.

Oahu Wedding Officiants

Kelehua Kauai

Oahu wedding with officiant Kelehua Kawai
Wedding officiant Kelehua Kawai performs a ceremony at He’eia State Park on Oahu.

Kelehua is a well-known Hawaii wedding officiant. She is warm and friendly, and her wedding ceremonies can include both Hawaiian and traditional elements. She is willing to dress in local style or more formal attire, and her ceremony can be either religious or non-religious, depending on your preference.

Kelehua’s Instagram: @marry_me_hawaii

Kawena Mechler

Oahu wedding officiant Kawena Mechler performing a ceremony
Officiant Kawena Mechler performing a wedding ceremony on Oahu.

Kawena’s wedding ceremonies are full of aloha and blend Hawaiian and traditional elements. Her calm approach is perfect for a peaceful wedding day. When you hear her chant to begin the ceremony, you’ll feel the ease and harmony of the moment.

Kawena Mechler’s Website

Reverend Kimo Taylor

Reverend Kimo Taylor performing a wedding ceremony on Oahu
Reverend Kimo Taylor performing a wedding ceremony at St. Catalina Seaside Chapel.

Reverend Kimo is one of the most authentic, sincere Oahu wedding officiants. His charm and personality come out in each ceremony he performs, and you will feel his connection to the islands and his ability to lead you through an amazing ceremony. Born and raised in Hawaii, Reverend Kimo is truly a special officiant.

Rev. Kimo Taylor’s Website

Reverend Mike Nelson

Officiant Mike Nelson performing a wedding at the Kahala Hotel
Reverend Mike Nelson performing a ceremony at the Kahala Hotel on Oahu.

Reverend Mike has been performing weddings on Oahu for many years. A real professional, Reverend Mike knows how to make your ceremony comfortable, leading you every step and ensuring your wedding day has the perfect ceremony to remember forever.

Instagram: @hawaiiblueskywedding

Ryan Keali’i Souza

Wedding Officiant Ryan Souza starting a ceremony
Officiant Ryan Souza blowing the conch shell (the pū) to begin the wedding ceremony.

Born and raised on Oahu, Ryan is honored to perform ceremonies for couples, and his passion is sharing love between wedding couples and throughout his life and church. To be married in paradise with the one you love is special, and Ryan’s ceremony brings that love out for an extra special memory on your wedding day.

Ryan’s Instagram: @ryanbowcreations808

Ellsworth Simeona

Ellsworth brings the perfect touch of aloha to your ceremony. His calm demeanor and laid-back personality will help relax you as you stand with your fiance, connecting you with both each other and the special touch of Hawaiian aloha.

Website (coming soon)

Conclusion on Oahu Wedding Officiants

Oahu has many wedding performers, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding the right person for your service. Whether it’s an officiant on this list, a recommendation from a planner, or even a friend, the important part is that you’re having a Hawaii wedding to create a life with your partner.

However, consider some of the advantages of a professional wedding officiant when deciding. For me, the officiants on this list are pros because they understand how to make each couple happy while understanding what it takes to work with the photography and videography teams.

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