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A new trend that emerged in 2023 was the rise of hiring Hawaii wedding content creators. Traditionally, couples hire photographers and videographers to capture the day, yet usually have some family and friends share a few photos and videos they capture on their phones.

Here on Oahu, wedding content creators capture short-form content for brides and grooms to use on social media pages, or for sharing with friends and family.

A wedding content creator gets the behind-the-scene (bts) moments that some of your guests might share but with a higher quality and more focused outcome.

Hiring a content creator for your wedding day lets you relive the moments instantly, and the photos and videos are more suitable for instant sharing on social media platforms.

As a Hawaii wedding videographer, I see content creators as a nice addition to the typical media teams shooting weddings. Their content, as they’ll tell you, is not a replacement for a wedding videographer or photographer, but it’s a great addition to their services.

What Is the Difference Between a Wedding Content Creator and a Wedding Videographer or Photographer?

Wedding content creators usually shoot footage on their phones. Some will even use the bride or groom’s phone.

Your wedding videographer and photographer, on the other hand, use high-quality cameras with expensive lenses (not that today’s phones aren’t high quality). They often shoot in a log picture profile, requiring the raw footage or raw photos to be color-graded and corrected. Their footage and photos require a good deal of editing and will look more professional.

A content creator is going for a high quantity of short content and bts footage. While your wedding videographer will also shoot a high quantity of footage, they’re going for a more polished, higher quality look to put together a full wedding highlight film, ceremony film, and reception film, as well as the other memories made during your wedding day.

Why Hire a Wedding Content Creator?

A wedding content creator is a good addition to your day if you are active on social media and want to post to TikTok or Instagram, and it’s also a way to have one person catch content on their phones so that you have the instant gratification of seeing your wedding day without waiting for the professional photos and videos.

What Is a Social Content Creator for Weddings?

Wedding content creation is a new profession, gaining popularity due to the rise in social media, so many wedding content creators also work as a social media content creator, but this is not always the case.

How Do I Find a Social Content Creator for My Wedding?

While the obvious tip is to go right to the source, Tiktok or Instagram, I’d strongly recommend asking your other vendors. Ask your wedding coordinator, photographer, and videographer. Some content creators put out excellent social media content, yet that doesn’t tell you how they are on your wedding day. Just because they can make pretty highlight reels doesn’t mean you want them at your special day.

A wedding content creator with nice social media content and good recommendations from other vendors is one you won’t regret having capture content for you.

Recommended Hawaii Wedding Content Creator

Iniki Leialoha of Leialoha Socials is my recommendation for your Hawaii wedding content creator. Based on Oahu, Iniki is excellent at capturing all the bts moments and creating content for Tiktok, IG stories, and Instagram Reels.

Introduction of Iniki Leialoha of Leialoha Socials.
Hawaii wedding content creator Iniki Leialoha of Leialoha Socials.

Iniki is also super easy to work with, not just for you and your guests but also for other wedding vendors. She’s considerate and excellent at capturing content without disrupting the day, has great content style, will get along with your bridal party, stays up-to-date on the latest TikTok trends, and is very professional.

I first had the pleasure to work with Iniki at a Royal Hawaiian Golf Club wedding, and I know the bride was so happy with both her work and her professionalism.

Check her out on:

How Much Do Wedding Content Creators Cost?

Wedding content creators, such as Iniki, are professionals (or at least should be) and are skilled at what they do, so you’re not just hiring someone to walk around and take photos and videos on their phones. They know the flattering angles, how to spot the candid moments, and how to look for important shots.

Expect to pay several hundred dollars at a minimum with $1000 being a good starting point, and some content creators charge thousands. It all depends on the skill and deliverables from your creator.

Questions to Ask a Content Creator Before Booking Them

When you hire a photographer and videographer for your wedding, you know they’ll be capturing all the moments of your wedding day, but content creation is often focused more on behind the scenes events or the latest TikTok trend.

What type of content do you create?

You’ll want to make sure you’re getting someone to capture the content creation you’re looking for, and you’re wedding content creator should be able to clearly explain what they shoot, what their primary goal is, and discuss the content creation plan you want.

What is the planning process like?

You’ll want to know how they work, how you share your vision with them, and how to prepare for them capturing your day. This is similar to the traditional photo/video teams at your wedding, but you may want your content creator to focus more on certain aspects, such as candid moments vs. social media trends.

Do you work well with the media team (the photographer and videographer)?

You want your media team to have a cooperative attitude. If any member is not considerate to the team, that’s a red flag. We have to get along, work together, and understand that we’re all a piece of the puzzle capturing your day and doing our part. I do not recommend working with any photographer, videographer, or content creator who speaks badly of the other. That type of vendor just doesn’t understand what’s it’s all about, which is capturing the day for you!

What content will I receive?

You’ll want to make sure you know what to expect and how it will be delivered. While you can trust a good content creator to capture many moments of your wedding day, you don’t want to leave yourself open to surprises, so ask in advance.

When will I receive the content?

Photographers and videographers need time to edit their content, and even the fastest turnaround times are usually weeks, but your wedding content creator should have a much faster delivery time.

Make sure you know how quickly they can get you the moments from your day. You’ll be excited to see how amazing the day was, and you’ll likely want to post to Instagram or Tiktok asap, so confirming in advance is a good idea.


As a Hawaii wedding videographer, I strongly encourage you to only trust reputable content creators to capture your wedding. Checking out their social media accounts and making sure they have a great attitude, appear professional, and do quality work.

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