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If you’re thinking about including drone videography for your wedding film, you won’t regret it. Weddings are one of the most important events of our life that we cherish forever, and what better way to show off the beautiful venue and surroundings than with drone shots?

Why Include Wedding Videography with Drone?

Drone shots offer a unique perspective that is hard to capture by traditional videography techniques. By capturing aerial footage, it gives couples the chance to relive their day from a bird’s eye view.

An aerial view adds to the variety videographers crave. The highlight video combines tight, mid, and wide shots. That variety helps make the wedding video more interesting, and when you add drone footage, those aerial shots give an extra “wow” factor to the video (not to mention it’s a great way to show off the wedding venue and surroundings!).

How many drone shots do you notice in this Hawaii wedding film?

Types of Footage Drone Videography Adds to Your Wedding Film

Drones can capture footage in various ways to spice up your wedding video.

  • An establishing aerial shot of the wedding venue (great to start the wedding video with).
  • A group shot of all your wedding guests.
  • Top-down shots of your outdoor ceremony setup.
  • Swooping shots flying over you during your couple’s photography and videography shoot.

Aerial video can capture more special moments, but it’s worth noting that some shots are not suitable for wedding films.

Shots your wedding drone operator should not capture:

  • Indoor shots in almost all situations.
  • Drone use near unauthorized areas, such as near airports.
  • Drones flying during the wedding ceremony are loud and disruptive, so it’s usually not a good idea.
Even hotel weddings benefit greatly from having drone footage added.

Drone Safety and Legal Considerations for Your Drone Pilot

While drones offer fantastic opportunities for capturing footage on a wedding day, safety is critical.

Many wedding venues require drone operators to have a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA (Part 107) for commercial work. Although your wedding venue may not require the videographer to submit their license, it is quite common for them to check.

There are also a decent amount of no-fly zones that require unlocking to fly in them. While these change frequently and can be glitchy to unlock, an experienced drone pilot is more capable of unlocking the zone and being able to fly.

As a Hawaii wedding videographer who uses drone footage in almost every wedding video I shoot, I can tell you that challenges do come up, and it’s best to go with someone experienced.

Should You Worry if Your Drone Operator Has the Best Drone?

The best drones don’t make as much of a difference these days as they used to make. The camera quality on any DJI drone is solid, as long as it’s a new drone.

The smallest drones won’t handle wind as well as larger ones, yet the larger drones are only a bit larger. Both get great drone footage in most situations.

Another advantage of the larger drones is the flight time. For example, the DJI Mavic 3 drone flies much longer than the Mini, making it easier for drone wedding videography.

Drone shot of a wedding couple on a beach in Hawaii

Does It Take Up a Lot of the Photoshoot Time to Add Drone Footage?

No, if your drone operator is experienced, it only takes a little time to work in a few wide shots that your wedding photographers will likely want to take as well.

Wedding photography and videography go hand-in-hand, and the teams must work together, so if they’re experienced with weddings, they’ll easily be able to capture all the special moments.

Is Drone Footage Included in Wedding Video Packages

While most wedding videographers consider drone footage to be an add-on, some include it. My belief is that it makes your wedding film better and is cool to have; therefore, it’s a must for your wedding date.

There are wedding videographers who cannot fly the drone and many who are not licensed, so those videographers hire out to get the drone footage. When you watch wedding videos, consider how many videographers consistently include drone footage.

Adding Stock Drone Footage to Your Wedding Video

Stock footage can add a similar element to your day, and drone footage of venues and landscapes doesn’t have to be from your special day to be important.

While there’s a place for stock footage, getting the footage on your day is always more meaningful. Knowing the drone was flown for your wedding will feel more special, and if the location allows footage of the two of you and can be flown during the group photo, that would be something you’ll cherish forever.

Drone shot of Lanikai Beach on Oahu, Hawaii
Stock drone footage can be amazing for your wedding day as long as it relates to your venue.


Does your wedding film need drone shots to make it amazing? While not 100% necessary, wedding videos have so much more pop and a “wow” factor with those shots.

Most wedding venues are in beautiful locations, and what’s a more special event than your wedding? You’ll want to show off that amazing scenery if possible.

Remember to check with your wedding venue to see if it’s okay to fly the drone and hire a licensed, experienced videographer.

As a Hawaii wedding videographer, I fly my drone at nearly every wedding I shoot, and I would recommend it 100%!

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