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Destination wedding videographers capture more than just the emotional moments, the love between the couple, and the wedding ceremony. They also capture the beauty of the wedding venue and all its surroundings.

While all nearly all couples choose photography, some are unsure whether they want wedding videography, but not getting a wedding film turns out to be the number one regret couples have from their wedding day.

Why Couples Regret Not Having Destination Wedding Videography

As a Hawaii wedding videographer, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “We almost didn’t get a videographer, and we’re so happy we did!”

Couples may see a wedding film as an extra expense they don’t need, or they may be unsure how they’d feel having someone filming them, but the truth is that down the road, a perfectly captured wedding video tells the story and helps couples relive the day far better than wedding photography can.

Wedding films do more than capture the small moments. They capture the wedding day, complete with family, friends, vows, speeches, intimate moments, and for a destination wedding, of course, the amazing venue that you flew to see.

To have full memories of your big day, you can trust wedding videographers to tell the story, allowing you to relive the day forever.

Wedding setup at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club on Oahu
Wedding setup at the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club on Oahu.

What to Look for in a Destination Wedding Videographer

Destination wedding videographers are no different from your local wedding videographers. They all have unique ways of filming a wedding, just as they have unique personalities.

For example, if you prefer the more popular cinematic wedding videography style, you’ll notice various elements, such as slow-motion, audio components, angles (a variety of tight, mid, and wide is desirable), colors, editing style, and, of course, emotion.

Documentary-style wedding films are more chronological and often less dreamy, but they may include more storytelling through interviews and behind-the-scenes clips.

How they will tell your love story is obvious by watching their videos, but try to watch as many as you can. The couple, venue, weather, music, and other factors make wedding films different, so keep that in mind as you watch each wedding video.

A great source for a referral would be your Oahu wedding officiant, photographer, or coordinator.

A wedding couple walking after their destination wedding

You’ll also want to consider the videography team and what you can learn about them.

  • Do they have an About page?
  • Do they have a good reputation?
  • Do they seem easy to work with?
  • Do they seem to have respect for the photographer (avoid both photographers and videographers that are not considerate to each other. Photo and video needs to work together for you. Selfish vendors will impact your day in a negative way, and those are not the types of people you want at your special day.)
  • Do they have Instagram?

Choosing a Local Destination Wedding Videographer vs. Flying a Videographer to Your Wedding

Some videographers market themselves as “destination wedding videographers,” yet they are not based in a destination wedding location. Others live and work in the area they market for, which also happens to be a great place for destination weddings, such as Hawaii.

Advantages of hiring a videographer based in the location of your destination wedding:

  • They know the area (this is a huge advantage).
  • They do not require a travel fee.
  • They likely know the other vendors you’ll be working with.
  • They

Advantages of flying a wedding videographer to your destination wedding:

  • They are often referrals or videographers in your area.
  • If you have a reception at home, you can hire them to be there as well.
  • If you have a large budget, you choose some of the best videographers in the world.

Overall, the biggest advantage to hiring a videographer based in your ceremony area is that they know the area. They likely know the venue, the vendors, how to work with the light, the cool spots for the couple’s session, etc.

Wedding couple walking on the beach at their destination wedding
A toes-in-the-sand destination wedding on Oahu.

How Much Does Destination Wedding Videography Cost?

According to The Knot, the average cost of wedding videography is $2,100, but destination wedding videographers are often more expensive.

Like wedding photography, prices vary greatly. Adding wedding videos to the big day is becoming more popular, so there is a growing field of videographers to choose from, yet for quality and reliability, it’s best to choose a reputable videography team.

Drone shot of a bride at her destination wedding on Oahu
Including drone footage in your destination wedding video is a must for most couples.

What’s the Difference Between a Destination Wedding Videographer and an Elopement Videographer?

There is no difference in a destination wedding videographer and an elopement videographer. In the traditional sense, an elopement means just the bride and groom, yet these days, it’s often used synonymously with a small wedding.

Simply saying “wedding” implies guests, but honestly, there’s not much difference as far as your videographer is concerned.

Overall, the size of your wedding won’t matter to most videographers, but there are some who specialize, so reaching out with some details about your wedding day will help find a good fit for you.

Flower shower at a Hawaii destination wedding
Flower shower at a destination wedding at Lanikuhonua, Oahu.

Can Destination Wedding Videographers Handle Both Weddings And Elopement Films?

Although some elopement videographers do not shoot large weddings, and some larger wedding videographers do not shoot elopements, most offer both services.

If you like the style of their wedding films, it’s worth reaching out to see if they can capture your day. Many destination wedding videographers are accustomed to shooting both elopements and weddings of all sizes.

What Do You Offer as a Wedding Videographer?

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of so many couples’ wedding days, and I have shot weddings of all sizes. I primarily shoot destination weddings, but I also love being a part of a local couple’s wedding day.

My wedding videography packages are designed as a starting point for covering your wedding, and as you can see from my Hawaii Wedding Showcase, I have experience with many different venues, group sizes, etc.

Featured Destination Wedding Videos

I’ve worked with so many amazing couples from all over the world over the years. Here are some recent Hawaii destination wedding videos and elopements.

A collection of Hawaii destination wedding and elopement videos.

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